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Commercial Screening

Noise protection in the workplace
Are you aware that by law Employers must prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work?
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 – set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
The Regulations require an employer to:
_ assess the risks to your employees from noise at work;
_ take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces those risks;
_ provide your employees with hearing protection;
_ make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded;
_ provide your employees with information, instruction and training;
_ carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health.

In the United Kingdom noise induced hearing loss leads to an average injury claim of £18,000 per employee, a figure that could be easily avoided through professional assessment, appropriate protection and the correct advice.
Our Latest Commercial Screening Offer

Is your workforce subject to loud noise?
Spend a day at the place of work then answer the following questions, if you can answer ‘yes’ to any, then you should probably be taking action...
1. Is the noise intrusive – like a busy street, a vacuum cleaner or a crowded restaurant – for most of the working day?
2. Do you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation when about 2 metres apart for at least part of the day?
3. Are noisy powered machinery or intense sound systems used for over half an hour a day?
4. Did the day leave you with muffled hearing, even if it is better by the next morning?
What action should you take?
Once you have assessed the workplace and concluded that the environment is ‘too loud’, you should contact a qualified, registered Hearing Audiologist who offers ‘Commercial Hearing Screening’. The audiologist should then be able to visit your place of work with an ambiance noise meter and assess the need for noise reduction. If the environment falls under the legislated noise level thresholds, the audiologist can then offer means of protecting your staff, as well as an initial hearing screening, and follow-up annual hearing tests to monitor the efficiency of that protection.
What costs are involved?
Commercial Hearing Screening charges vary from audiologist to audiologist, and depend on the size of your workforce, but most fall in the region of £20 to £40 per person. A wide range of hearing protection products are available, from basic earplugs to electronic filters, and each offer varying levels of protection. This is why the advice of an audiologist is invaluable in helping you select the product that provides the right kind of protection. Prices for hearing protection products can start from as little as £5.
Why are we giving this advice?
Bexhill Hearing Centre has recently become a Father and Son organisation and now seeks to expand its services by offering commercial hearing screening. We are therefore pleased to offer you our new commercial hearing screening service at the special introductory price of £20 per person, with free personal hearing protection with each test. As part of our new screening service, we also offer a free, no obligation, sound level test, which will guide you on which course of action to take.
Want to know more?
Request a free pack, with all the detailed information regarding noise levels and the workplace by calling us on 01424 733030 or visiting our website at
Hearing loss is a dangerous thing when communication is so important.

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