Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Have you heard...Hearing in any environment

Life was meant to be lived without limits. Everyday things such as water, dust or shock shouldn’t bring yours to a halt. With its tough build, impressive design, perfect engineering, and cutting-edge advancements, Aquaris™, the first truly waterproof hearing aid from Siemens, lets you actively enjoy every decibel of life to its fullest.

  • Completely sealed housing shell and battery door
  • IP57 certified: waterproof up to 3 feet (1m) (for 30 minutes)
  • Custom-made soft ear mold for swimming
Sweat and dust resistant
  • Efficiently repels dust, perspiration, and dirt
  • Robust and moisture-resistant surface
  • Watertight housing safeguards against corrosion
  • Virtually shockproof thanks to ergonomic shape and soft-touch laquering
  • Scratch-proof non-slip soft rubber surface
  • Attachable Sport Clip for extra security
  • BestSound™ Technology for excellent sound clarity
  • Unique materials and cutting-edge ideas ensure waterproof seal
  • Connects seamlessly to Tek and miniTek wireless enhancement systems
Hearing comfortably and safely in every environment is available from Bexhill Hearing Centre from as little as £1800

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