Monday, 30 July 2012

Have you heard...Assistive listening

Hearing aids are not the sole solution for hearing loss, in fact in many cases and for many people hearing aids would not be the correct choice. Some clients who present hearing loss, may not be in a financial position to purchase a hearing aid, others are not regularly in situations of a social nature or feel that communication is difficult to "*hear".

This is where assistive listening devices may be of more benefit than a hearing aid. Many clients come to us complaining of the TV and radio being too quiet; or more commonly their spouses bring them in complaining of the TV and radio being too loud!

In most circumstances the later may not be very excepting of a hearing aid, for some it denotes the perception of becoming old, or having a disability. In others as said above the client for a multitude of reasons may not need a hearing aid.

There are many great assistive listening devices now on the market, unfortunately there are also some that don't cut the mustard in our mind. Here we have provided our top 5:

NUMBER 5 - The CL-10 Corded Phone.
Corded phone with adjustable volume up to 28 dB, includes flashing ring indicator. Other features include tone dialling, 3 different ringer levels and melodies as well as being network service compatible.

This product has made it into our top 5 due to cost and simplicity.
It's about as simple as it could get with one cable to plug in, large easy to use keys, 3 save able numbers and a slider with 3 choices for volume control.

It works well too, we have one in the office which never leaves it's first volume setting. We especially like the ringer feature, which, with the flick of a switch, allows you to turn off the ringer sound. Great for when we are holding hearing tests (you are still alerted to the call by a flashing LED)

The cost is what really pushes this simple bit of tech into our top 5
Our Price £29.99

NUMBER 4 - CL2L Ringer

      • Extra loud ringer :up to 95 dB
      • Volume and tone control
      • Led flasher
      • Outdoor range: 60 meters
      • Indoor range: 20 meters
          • 3 doorbell melodies
          • 3 individual tracking LED
 This feature rich door and telephone ringer comes in at number 4 on our list. With a combination of sound, lights and vibration it will alert even the profoundly deaf to the door or telephone. It's simple to install also with a simple plug and play use and convenient wireless doorbell button.

Our price is only £54

NUMBER 3 - CL8300 Mobile Phone

Extra Loud Mobile Phone with volume control up to 45dB
Product Features:

  •     Volume control (up to a record +45dB)
  •     Tone control (+/- 10dB)
  •     Hands free speakerphone
  •     Visual ringer indicator
  •     Vibrating alert feature
  •     Extra loud ring (up to 100dB)
  •     External boost button on the handset
  •     Three direct memory buttons
  •     Extra large black and white display
  •     Extra large characters (adjustable size and contrast) 
        • ....and more 
As with all current mobile phones the CL8300 is feature rich providing all that you would expect in the latest technology. Something you may not expect however is the volume this handset provides, making it one of the loudest phones in the world, added to that the large buttons and LCD display this unit can be used for either a hearing or visual impairment.

Our price, only £105

NUMBER 2 - A200 Headset

The A 200 is a stereo personal sound amplifier for people who may sometimes need to rely on artificial assistance for their hearing. Due to the stereo amplification via two integrated permanently polarised microphones, the user can clearly determine the direction of the sound source. Dynamic headphone transducers ensure a natural and transparent sound reproduction with optimum speech intelligibility.

Great for the localisation of sound, especially in social environments and particularly popular in meetings and seminars due to its portable, wireless nature.

This products sits comfortably at number 2 because of it's functionality. We have fitted hundreds of these products with only good comments.

Particular benefit may be for those whom a hearing aid is just slightly out of their financial reach.

Our price £280

NUMBER 1 - 830-TV

The Set 830-TV is an infra-red stereo TV assistive listening system. The set enables assistive listening anywhere in the room without the need for cables and without disturbing others. Directly connectible to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, the Set 830-TV guarantees outstanding sound quality, which, for example, thanks to treble emphasis, can be customised to the listener’s hearing.
What’s more, the receiver is extremely lightweight and, with its perfect-fitting ear pads, offers maximum comfort when worn. Ergonomic controls and
visual signals for the individual control processes mean that operation of the Set 830-TV couldn’t be easier.

Our number 1 assistive listening product, although named the 830-TV this instrument can be connected to any device with with an audio output, and even numerous devices at once. Functionality and reliability along with great sound puts this device at the top of our list. It's easy to use too, simply placing the headset into your ears turns it on and the large volume control can be used with out looking, giving volume independent of the level the TV is set at. Whats more clients with a unilateral hearing loss can adjust the volume to each ear giving maximum control of sound.

 Our price is only £257

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