Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Have you heard...Hearing Link

Recently I attended the Eastbourne Seniors Forum "The Good Life" exhibition at the Congress Eastbourne as one of a number of stall holders showing their wears.

Whilst there I spoke to many members of the public, and dispensed what I would like to think of as invaluable hearing knowledge. As well as talking to the public I also had a look around the other stalls which is when I came across Hearing Link.

Firstly, quite refreshing in the world of hearing, their stall looked clean, modern and friendly. After speaking with their representatives based in Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne, I found out that they are a charitable organisation set up to help hearing impaired in day to day life, with the focus being more on education rather than what we often see just the normal re tubing service.

Always keen to be involved with local organisations and initiatives, Bexhill Hearing Centre will now be volunteering our time to hold a presentation with them on Tinnitus at the end of the month, which we are really looking forward to.

Below an insight taken from their website (

Hearing Link works for and on behalf of adults with acquired hearing loss who communicate through speaking, listening and lipreading. We raise their awareness about the impact of hearing loss and increase their ability to manage this impact. 

When people are becoming concerned about hearing loss, we help them find:

  • what to do and where to go
  • who can help in their local area
  • which national services are most relevant to their needs

When people are really struggling to cope with hearing loss, we:

  • offer personalised emotional support to reduce isolation
  • put them in touch with appropriate local services and organisations, and support them where necessary while they approach these services
  • provide specialised services ourselves where these do not otherwise exist

When people are managing long-standing hearing loss, we make it easy to:

  • contact others with similar interests
  • form local groups and clubs
  • find out about relevant local and national public consultations and participate in these where relevant
We support their relatives, friends and colleagues. We help them understand the wider impact of hearing loss, and we offer them direct support for their own needs.
We work with all relevant organisations (local, regional and national) in the voluntary, commercial, and public sectors. We raise awareness about their services and roles among potential service users. Where requested, we assist organisations and public bodies to gather user feedback to enhance the quality of their services.

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