Thursday, 8 August 2013

Have you heard....Hearing in background noise

Imagine having a great meal and for the first time in a long time a   conversation which was just as good – that even continues on the drive home in the car!

For a great deal of people with hearing loss this is just wishful thinking, but now with the cutting edge        technology of the ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone, our clients do not have to worry about the noise around them when they are out     dining, or think about where the sounds are coming from.

The ReSound Unite™ Mini Mic is a small personal portable  streaming device for transmitting sound and/or external audio sources directly to the hearing instruments of the user. It picks up sound at the source and uses 2.4GHz technology to transmit speech directly to your hearing instruments. 

About the size of a matchbox and weighing in at less than 16 grams, the Mini Microphone is elegant and discreet and can be clipped to clothing.  Users often ask their partner or friend to wear the Mini Microphone when they are in the car, out shopping or in a restaurant and are able to hear every word they say, clearly and without straining.

The Mini Microphone helps to improve the clarity and understanding and makes a real difference to everyday lives.  So when you are next with friends or family, you can just relax and    enjoy.
Hear the difference for yourself by making an appointment for a demonstration —01424 733030


Wax Facts – some things you didn’t know about earwax: Earwax can be gooey and gross, and it is not the most scintillating of conversational topics. We all have it, but who wants to talk about it? We do!
Do you know your  type?
Earwax comes in two types – wet and dry. The kind you have depends on genetics. People of North-eastern Asian descent tend to have dry ear wax, while the earwax of people from other regions is wet.
How earwax protects...
Earwax is another of our body’s mundane, under-appreciated, yet totally amazing protective devices. Earwax shields our body from outside invaders, including dust, bacteria, and other micro-organisms that can get in and irritate, inflame, or infect.
Earwax cleans up after itself
Thanks to earwax, our ears are self-cleaning. Whenever you move your jaw or chew, you help keep earwax churning slowly from the eardrum to the ear opening, where it will then either dry up, flake off, or fall out.
Your ears are “no trespassing” zones
Since our ears are self-cleaning, we should never, ever stick anything in them! That includes those cotton tipped swabs that seem perfectly designed to fit inside the narrow ear canal. Keep these swabs and any other objects - including your fingers - out of your ears.  When you put something in your ear – to scratch an itch or to attempt to remove wax – you
risk pushing wax further into the ear, where it can become blocked.


Danny Hellier, Audiologist, founder and  proprietor of Bexhill Hearing Centre, celebrates 40 years this month since he gained his professional title.

On August 3rd 1973 Danny became an official member of the Hearing aid council, now the Health Care Professions Council. Initially he worked and trained with Amplivox hearing centres, until 1980 when he set up his own business from his home in Bexhill.

Since he has grown a reputable, respected company on the high street offering professional advice and the finest aftercare service.

Last year his work within the elderly community was recognised at the 1066 business awards, where he was commended with the lifetime achievement award and later that year at the Bexhill Achiever's Awards; winning service with a smile.

The family business is still growing steadily with Danny at the helm and his son and daughter along side him, and still remains Bexhill’s only local independent hearing aid specialists.

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